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The unfinished obelisk

The obelisk dates back to the modern era of the modern pharaohs empire and is characterized by its magnitude, although it was not completed for unknown reasons, however the archeologists are likely to have two reasons for this: the first is the presence of plague or epidemic that hit the workers, which forced them to leave the place, and the second is the presence of a crack in the obelisk hindered the process of engraving and inscription on it. It was craved in the granite mountain, which was designed to sculpt the obelisks in south Aswan, and the archeologists speculate that the obelisk dates back to the time of Queen Hatshepsut, and they have been confirmed that if completed to be the largest and heaviest obelisk in the whole world. It weighs 1168 tons and is 41.75 years long. The ancient Aswan quarries extend to about 6 km parallel to the nile river. The red granite in this area was one of the most important stones in the construction of pyramids in ancient Egypt, from these quarries were cut stones for the manufacture of solid coffins, false doors, cover the internal chambers, columns of temples and the burial chamber of King Khufu founder of the great pyramid made of this granite and the workers had to move the stones of Giza through the nile. Where there are no stones in northern Egypt.