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A few kilometres to the west of Amada ( though on the Nile’s east bank due to the reversing of the river’s course at this point),Ramesses II built a rock cut temple similar to that of Abu Simbel,though without seated colossi at its entrance. There are two pillared halls the first is transverse and has there rows of four columns –the third row with engaged statues of Osiris. The second hall follows the axis of the temple and leads to three chapels, the central one containing cult statues of the four gods were shipped here Ptah, Amun-Ra, Ramesses II and Ra-Horakhty.Some of the temple’s decoration was lost due to its use as a church by early Christians but a number of scenes remain, including one of a procession of the king’s children, and the paint is often vividly preserved. The temple was dismantled in 1964 and moved to a new site close to the temple of Amada.